Coronavirus Ad Blocking Is Starving Some News Sites Of Revenue

by BuzzFeed News

BuzzFeed News— New data reveals how a major company's COVID-19 ad keyword blocking starves the news media during a global pandemic. View Entire Post ›

Mail Online—Big business is accused of not supporting news by blocking ads on coronavirus stories. Big business has been accused of not supporting the news industry through the coronavirus pandemic - a time when it is most needed - by refusing to run ads alongside stories about the virus.

CNBC—News sites ask ad industry to get comfortable alongside coronavirus-related content. Brands have been using ad-tech companies to prevent their ads from showing up on news sites for fear of being associated with COVID-19.

The Independent—Coronavirus: News publishers could lose £50m in online ads as brands block Covid-19 stories. ‘Readers really don’t have a problem with adverts appearing next to news stories about the coronavirus,’ says top industry executive