• Stock market news lives updates: Stocks kicks of July with gains after the S&P 500’s worst first half since 1970 – USA News Group

    The S&P 500 rose by about 1 1% to end at 3,825 33 after fluctuating between gains and losses throughout the session The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 322 points, or 1 1%, while the Nasdaq Composite gained 0 9% The moves came following a mixed set of economic data Friday morning, which offered some evidence of further softening [ ]

  • Retirement Planning for Women – USA News Group

    Men are from Mars and women are from Venus So says the famous book Well, when it comes to retirement, men and women are often very different in their needs For starters, research shows that women are better investors than men Why? Because women are less likely to feel overconfident in their investments decisions and tend to make fewer changes to their portfolios as a result Women, however, have a unique set of issues in retirement that often makes them more vulnerable than men The issues...

  • How to save money on dining out in Vancouver – USA News Group

    Nothing in this publication should be considered as personalized financial advice We are not licensed under securities laws to address your particular financial situation No communication by our employees to you should be deemed as personalized financial advice Please consult a licensed financial advisor before making any investment decision This is a paid advertisement and is neither an offer nor recommendation to buy or sell any security We hold no investment licenses and are thus neither...

  • DIY divorces ‘a concern to women in retirement’ – USA News Group

    A surge in “DIY” divorces is putting women at greater risk of being worse off in retirement, according to legal experts In 2018, it became possible for couples who wish to split to prepare and submit their own legal divorce paperwork without hiring a lawyer to represent them This process was said to be best [ ]

  • Is Owner Financing Ever a Good Idea? – USA News Group

    If you’ve been planning to buy a house, you may have noticed that it recently got a little more challenging With inflation spooking politicians and economists alike, the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates 0 75% this month, and while that might not seem like much, it’s had a huge impact on the mortgage market Interest rates on home mortgages have jumped to their highest levels in more than a decade

  • Bitcoin just had its worst month on record – USA News Group

    Bitcoin just finished its worst month on record, losing more than 38% of its value in June, as of Thursday afternoon Ether, the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, ended the same period down by about 47% Though weakness in the digital assets sector is part of a broader flight from risk, confidence in the [ ]

  • Protecting Your Retirement Savings from a Market Crash – USA News Group

    Markets have been unstable for months, causing investors to be on edge with good reason Already this year, the stock market has fallen and wiped out over $3 trillion in retirement savings Alicia Munnell, director of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, calculates that 401(k) participants have lost approximately $1 4 trillion from their accounts since the end of last year Additionally, individuals with IRAs which are mostly 401(k) rollovers have lost approximately $2 trillion...

  • Bitcoin posts its worst quarter in more than a decade – USA News Group

    Bitcoin on Thursday posted its worst quarterly loss in more than a decade The world’s largest cryptocurrency has lost around 58% of its value in the second quarter of 2022, according to data from CryptoCompare Bitcoin has fallen from $45,524 at the start of the quarter and was trading just below $19,000 on Thursday, the [ ]

  • Supercharge Your Retirement Account With This Powerful ETF – USA News Group

    This ETF offers an excellent combination of income and growth potential Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, can be a great way to add income and growth to a retirement portfolio without excessive reliance on any particular stock However, too many retirees focus exclusively on the headline market indices like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq and don’t allocate any of their [ ]

  • Protect your credit score before buying a home – USA News Group

    InvestigateTV – Buying a home is the biggest investment many people will make in their lifetime Getting the best interest rate on a home mortgage will save thousands of dollars over the term of the loan There have been three increases in interest rates this year, raising the costs for buyers paying with a mortgage [ ]

  • How to Retire With $2 Million on an $80,000 Salary – USA News Group

    If you follow a retirement planning guideline known as the 4% rule, you’ll want to retire with a portfolio that’s 25 times the amount you expect to draw from your accounts in your first year of retirement If you follow that plan described by that guideline, you should be able to see your nest egg last at least through a 30 year retirement, while still adjusting your withdrawals for inflation every year In that framework, a $2 million portfolio should be enough to completely replace an $80,000...

  • Scientists explore how to make PV even greener – USA News Group

    How do we reduce the carbon impact of an already green technology? This is the question that NREL researchers Hope Wikoff, Samantha Reese, and Matthew Reese tackle in their new paper in Joule, “Embodied Energy and Carbon from the Manufacture of Cadmium Telluride and Silicon Photovoltaics ” In the paper, the team focuses on the two [ ]