After Math: Hoping against hope

by— In uncertain times like these, staying optimistic can be a real challenge. But whether you keep yourself centered with meditation, daily affirmations or sheer stubbornness, take a cue from this week in rose tinted headlines.

The Palm Beach Post—After Hurricane Dorian: A tale of hope and recovery in Hope Town, Bahamas. Nine weeks after being evacuated from Hope Town on Elbow Cay in the days after Hurricane Dorian’s devastating landfall there, the island’s beloved grocer, baker and Methodist minister went home last Wednesday..Vernon Malone is on a mission: to reopen his store and bakery, dig through the rubble of his flattened home and sketch out a plan to [

Breitbart—Nolte: Elizabeth Warren's Medicare for All Math Is Faker than Her DNA Math. Nothing about faker-than-fake Democrat frontrunner Elizabeth Warren is faker than her Medicare for All scheme.

/CBSdenver—Brandon Allen Hopes to Keep Starting Job, Broncos Slim Playoff Hopes Alive. Denver Broncos quarterback Brandon Allen is looking to keep the Broncos starting quarterback position after the bye week.