WFT Offered Women Who Alleged Harassment a Financial Settlement in Return for Silence

by Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report— The Washington Football Team

HuffPost—Women's Soccer Commissioner Baird Resigns Amid Coach Harassment Allegations. Commissioner Lisa Baird resigned amid allegations that a former coach engaged in sexual harassment and misconduct.

Washington Post—WFT offered money in exchange for public silence about workplace, former employees say. Women who worked at the Washington Football Team are speaking out again after emails surfaced revealing more evidence of a toxic workplace at the franchise.

Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism—R. Kelly conviction offers measure of justice for long-silenced Black women. For decades women and girls, most of them Black, sounded the alarm over R. Kelly's web of abuse, only to hear their voices silenced. Weeks of devastating testimony threw the severity of Kelly's crimes into stark relief, but to many advocates, the harrowing pattern of abuse was nothing new -- it was just the first time police, the justice system and society at large had taken it seriously. Now, the multi-platinum R&B singer's conviction as the boss of a decades-long sex crimes scheme offers a...