Updated Draft Needs for Every NFL Team Through Early Free Agency

by Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report— The early flurry of free-agent activity has passed. Several high-end players have switched teams, and several franchises have filled their most significant holes. There is still a lot of free agency to navigate, of course

Bleacher Report—The 1 Need Each NFL Team Must Address in the Draft, Not Free Agency. The NFL draft is about more than just selecting players to fill positional needs. Teams can use it to manipulate the salary cap by getting value through set rookie wages

Bleacher Report—Every NFL Division's Biggest Winner Through Early Free Agency. The first wave of NFL free agency has come and gone. Most top-level players have signed new deals. Now that the biggest splashes are behind us, teams will focus on finding hidden gems throughout the next portion of the offseason

Bleacher Report—Every NFL Team's Weakest Link Heading into Free Agency. Every NFL team has a weakest link—some just take longer to show than others. For a few franchises, the flaw is immediately apparent, like when Eli Manning caused the New York Giants to drag their feet last season