Seth Curry on Ben Simmons Rumors: 'He’s a Grown Man, and He Can Do Whatever He Wants'

by Bleacher Report

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New York Post—Viral alligator-trash can man mocks Ben Simmons: ‘Get me this basket’. A Philadelphia man who went viral last week for catching an alligator in a trash can joined CBS Philly on Monday and took a shot at the Sixers’ estranged point guard.

TheBlaze—Couch: Basketball star Ben Simmons is the franchise, and no one can blame him for wanting to relocate. Ben Simmons is right. There is nothing for him in Philadelphia. He doesn't fit with management and doesn't fit with the fans, and any time he gathers up the nerve to shoot, the ball doesn't fit into the basket. He also doesn't fit with Joel Embiid. So he wants to leave. What's so hard for people to understand about this? He should leave. His story is being cast all wrong: Yes, he lost the will to shoot and cost the 76ers a legitimate shot at a championship....

Bleacher Report—Doc Rivers Addresses Rumor Ben Simmons Doesn't Want to Play with Joel Embiid on 76ers. On Tuesday,