Robot umps and dogs, minor league ball back after lost year

by ABC News

ABC News— Minor league baseball is back after a season lost to the coronavirus pandemic—Inside Minor League Baseball's experimental rules: Oversize bases, robot umps and moving the mound. Here's how everything MLB is trying out at a ballpark near you will impact 2021 -- and the future of the sport -- as a new minor league season begins.

TNW | Neural—NYPD sends terrifying robot dog back to the kennel after public backlash. A terrifying robot dog that’s been prowling New York’s streets over the past few months is being sent back to the pound. The NYPD had been leasing the quadruped from Boston Dynamics since last year, but canceled the contract last week after a public backlash. “This is a casualty of politics, bad information, and cheap sound bytes,” John Miller, the department’s deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism, told The New York Times. “We should have named it ‘Lassie’.” Nah they really...

Washington Post—Fredericksburg had to wait for its minor league debut, but it’s time to play ball at last. Minor league baseball has come to Fredericksburg, where the team and the players are both developing.