NFL Playoff Picture 2022: Dissecting AFC, NFC Scenarios Before Final Games

by Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report— Three wild-card spots, two division titles and a multitude of seeding possibilities are on the line in NFL Week 18. The playoff drama starts right away Sunday, when the AFC wild-card race takes center stage

Bleacher Report—NFL Playoff Picture 2022: AFC, NFC Brackets, Scenarios and Championship Odds. The first wins—and losses—of the 2022 NFL playoffs are coming Saturday. It's the first of a now three-day Wild Card Weekend, featuring two clashes Saturday, three more Sunday and a final one Monday

Bleacher Report—NFL Playoff Scenarios 2022: Complete Bracket Picture and AFC, NFC Odds. For the first time in forever—not an exaggeration; literally forever —the NFL is set to wrap its campaign with an 18th week. That's just as well, since there's still so much to sort out with the playoff picture

Bleacher Report—NFL Playoff Picture 2022: Latest Super Bowl Bracket and AFC, NFC Scenarios. It's the most magical time of the year. The 2022 NFL playoffs are just around the corner, but the real magic might be happening right now