NFL Playoff Bracket 2022: AFC, NFC Picture and Super Bowl Predictions

by Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report— A wild Week 18 that saw the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers keep their playoff aspirations alive by way of overtime victories also provided a clearer look at the match-ups that will kickoff the NFL Playoffs next weekend

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Bleacher Report—NFL Playoff Bracket 2022: AFC, NFC TV Schedule and Super Bowl Picks. The NFL playoffs are set, with a few surprise teams joining the preeminent favorites and making for an intriguing field in which anything can happen

Bleacher Report—NFL Playoff Picture 2022: Updated AFC, NFC Standings, Super Bowl Odds and More. The 2022 NFL playoff picture is taking shape in a hurry. With only one week remaining on the regular-season schedule, it had to. Just three postseason spots remain up for grabs, and few teams remain in the hunt