'Keep Patrick Mahomes Safe' Masks Sold in KC; 35% of Profits Donated to Charity

by Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report— Protective face coverings with the phrase "Help Keep Patrick Mahomes Safe: Wear A Mask" have been a hit in Kansas City since going on sale last week amid the coronavirus pandemic

CBSSports.com—Kansas City company selling 'Keep Patrick Mahomes safe' face coverings to encourage fans to mask up. Kansas City fans definitely don't want to see their QB get the virus

Boing Boing—This app keeps all your online information safe and encrypted and keeps you from forgetting passwords. More than half of you think the best way to manage your passwords is to just keep ‘em safely stashed away in your own noggin. Meanwhile, there are also bunches of you that favor saving passwords in your browser, putting them in a spreadsheet or just writing them down on a piece of paper or a sticky note. These are all sucker bets. And you know it. Passwords protect all our computers and other devices and, more importantly, the most valuable information about us. Our emails, our social security...

Los Angeles Times—Editorial: Yes, we're all tired, but keep that mask on. Yes, it's getting tiring. But scientific innovations are on the way, and meanwhile we've got to keep one another safe.