• Editorial Roundup: New England

    Hearst Connecticut Media Editorial Board. April 8, 2021. Editorial: CT must catch up with times on voting There shouldn’t be anything partisan about voting rights. In an ideal world, expanding the franchise would be seen as a basic political goal of all parties, with a corresponding need to sell your

  • Editorial Roundup: New England

    The Hartford Courant. April 1, 2021. Editorial: COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations are climbing in Connecticut, despite the vaccine. Here are three mistakes Gov. Ned Lamont is making In the early weeks following the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine in Connecticut, signs were pointing to a steady easing of the

  • Editorial Roundup: New York

    Albany Times-Union. March 27, 2021. Editorial: JCOPE’s corrupting power It was always a reasonable guess that appointees of various top politicians on the state’s ultra-secretive Joint Commission of Public Ethics were protecting their patrons and their patrons’ cronies from investigations. Now the speculation is over. The public got a

  • New Hampshire to be home to first whitewater park in New England

    New Hampshire is months away from becoming home to the first whitewater park in New England. The massive make-over for downtown Franklin includes a park and camping area.

  • Editorial Roundup: Idaho

    Recent editorials from Idaho newspapers: Welcome back, Idaho legislators. Wear a mask. We’re not paying for another recess April 5 Idaho Statesman We now know how much the Idaho Legislature’s COVID-19-induced recess is going to cost us taxpayers. As Hayat Norimine of the Idaho Statesman reported last week,

  • Editorial Roundup: US

    Excerpts from recent editorials in the United States and abroad:

  • Editorial Roundup: Florida

    Recent editorials from Florida newspapers: ___ Aril 7 The South Florida Sun Sentinel on honoring the legacy of U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings: It’s rare that a politician in Florida is so popular that he’s literally on a first-name basis with almost everybody. Alcee Hastings was that man. Instantly recognizable simply

  • Editorial Roundup: Georgia

    Recent editorials from Georgia newspapers: ___ April 7 The Valdosta Daily Times on voting laws: Democrats do not want people who are not U.S. citizens to vote in our elections. We know you have heard otherwise. It is claimed liberals want “undocumented aliens” to vote in U.S. elections

  • Editorial Roundup: Wisconsin

    Eau Claire Leader-Telegram. April 1, 2021. Editorial: Court’s ruling narrower than many think This week’s ruling from the Wisconsin Supreme Court was considerably narrower than what a lot of people seem to think. There’s a critical point that people are missing: the ruling wasn’t on whether a mask mandate

  • Editorial Roundup: Minnesota

    Minnesota Star Tribune. April 4, 2021. Editorial: Emergency powers strengthened Minnesota Resolve differences with good-faith negotiations, not Wisconsin-style court fights. Last week the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down a mask mandate imposed by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, following a challenge to his authority by a major Republican donor.

  • Editorial Roundup: Indiana

    South Bend Tribune. April 4, 2021. Editorial: Indiana bill is pushback on necessary election changes made during a pandemic Last year, in the midst of a public health crisis, Indiana officials came together in a bipartisan fashion to change the date of the primary election and allow for no-excuse mail-in

  • Editorial Roundup: Ohio

    Cleveland Plain Dealer. April 4, 2021. Editorial: Lt. Gov. Jon Husted covers himself in shame by not disavowing ‘Wuhan Virus’ tweet Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted is a savvy and reasonable man who clearly aims for higher office. So why is Husted so dead set against apologizing for his ill-considered