With cutting-edge hypersonics, Russia leads in new arms race

by www.spacewar.com

www.spacewar.com— With cutting-edge hypersonics, leads in new arms race

Washington Examiner—Fingers crossed for new US-Russia arms control talks. Together, the United States and Russia possess approximately 90% of the world’s nuclear stockpile. To ignore each other here is not exactly conducive to U.S. national security.

Newsweek—Russia warns Pentagon that hypersonic missiles in Europe could lead to conflict. The Russian Embassy in the U.S. reacted to a Pentagon statement saying Moscow's weapons were "potentially destabilizing."

WTOP—China edges Russia to take early lead in men’s gymnastics. TOKYO (AP) — China sprinted to the lead in men's gymnastics qualifying, putting on a clinic inside the nearly empty Ariake Gymnastics Centre as it aims to return to the top of the sport. The Chinese'