Video: Why Joe Biden is on a losing streak

by CNN

CNN— CNN's John King and John Berman discuss why President Joe Biden has such low poll numbers and in dire need for a legislative victory despite accomplishing some big things in his first year in office.

TVLine—SNL Video: Biden Blames Spider-Man for Omicron Surge, Reveals a Multiverse With Two Other Joe Bidens. Saturday Night Live came back from its holiday hiatus this week with a cold open that finally explains why the COVID situation got so topsy-turvy. The sketch begins with SNL freshman James Austin Johnson’s typically confused President Joe Biden blaming COVID on something ridiculous. “When did Spider-Man come out? December 17th. When did every single [

TheBlaze—Media turn on Biden after election bill defeat, year one failures: 'Epic losing streak'; 'Biden is failing'. President Joe Biden promised to be a unifying leader who would restore political norms and work together with all Americans to heal the country in a time of political toxicity. But one year into his term, the president has done nothing of the sort, managing only to further anger his opponents and disappoint his allies — and now it appears he has lost favor among some of his most ardent supporters, the mainstream news media. Several left-leaning news outlets published reports and opinion columns...

The Washington Times—America wins when Joe Biden loses. President Joe Biden has had a very bad week. That means America, at least the part of America that still believes in individual liberties and the Constitution, have had a very good week. When Team Biden loses, America wins. That’s because, simply put, Team Biden stands for socialism, cultural Marxism,