Tweed Deal Advances; Risks Raised

by New Haven Independent

New Haven Independent— City planners advanced a proposed four-decade lease that would allow for a larger Tweed New Haven Airport, with a lingering set of questions: How financially and environmentally risky is this airport expansion plan? And how does that stack up to the costs of doing nothing?

Business Insider—Mitch McConnell says GOP won't strike a deal with Democrats for the US to pay its bills on time, raising risk of derailing the economic recovery. Republicans voted to raise the debt ceiling under President Trump. They're taking a harder line as Democrats prepare massive spending plans.

Gothamist—NYC Restaurant Week Is Back, With Deals Deals Deals. Dishes at Lolo's Seafood Shack in Harlem The $21 and $39 meals include an entree and at least one side. And here's a side of history: NYC Restaurant Week began in 1992 as a way for the city to promote restaurants during the 1992 Democratic National Convention. [ more › ]—Infrastructure Agreement Advances, But It's Not A Done Deal. A bipartisan group of Senators worked out the details on how to pay for a massive infrastructure plan. But it faces a host of hurdles in Congress, including from members of both parties.