Trump-inspired death threats are terrorizing election workers

by Reuters

Reuters— ‘You and your family will be killed very slowly’: Trump's false voter-fraud claims sparked a campaign to terrorize election officials and workers nationwide.—'You and your family will be killed very slowly': Trump-inspired death threats continue to haunt election workers. More than six months after Donald Trump became the certified loser of 2020, his lies about that loss continue to haunt state election workers across the country. A new Reuters report reveals that everyone from statewide elected officials down to local election workers and their family members continue to live under the threat of violence, and even death. In April, for instance, the wife of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Tricia Raffensperger, received a series of death threats...

Newsweek—Brad Raffensperger bemoans ongoing threats to election workers over Trump claims. Raffensperger's wife, Tricia, revealed this week some of the measures they'd taken following death threats.—Election workers terrorized in Trump Republicans' attack on 2020 results, democracy. Rachel Maddow shares details from a new Reuters report about the threats and intimidation faced by even the most local election workers from people inspired by Donald Trump's lying about foul play in the 2020 election, and Attorney General Merrick Garland's promise to crack down on such behavior.