Trump Gave Capitol Rioters The Language To Deny Reality

by BuzzFeed News

BuzzFeed News— They attacked the “fake news,” denounced the “deep state” and the “swamp,” and vowed to “take back” the Capitol and the country. View Entire Post ›

Washington Post—What Donald Trump has said about the Capitol rioters. For the last two weeks of his presidency, he offered prepared remarks of condemnation. Everything since has been sympathetic.

Washington Post—Donald Trump has completed his journey toward embracing the Capitol rioters. An inevitability, given the acquiescence of his allies — but a dangerous embrace of political violence.

Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism—Capitol rioter is creating a video game where Trump shoots Democrats and Antifa. Capitol rioter Jack Griffith is telling BuzzFeed that he's working on a new video game that features former President Donald Trump shooting Democrats and members of Antifa. In clips posted to the internet, the cartoon Trump is dressed in his signature suit and red tie while wielding a large gun. While the game has a warning saying that it is "not meant to incite violence in any way" that may not be the only legal concern for Griffith. Donald Trump typically licenses his name to those attempting...