'SNL' mocks ex-Navy Seal candidate Dan Crenshaw: 'I know he lost his eye in war -- or whatever'

by Washington Examiner

Washington Examiner— A "Saturday Night Live" cast member mocked the appearance of Texas congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye while serving in Afghanistan.

Breitbart—'Hitman in a Porno Movie': SNL's Pete Davidson Mocks GOP Candidate Dan Crenshaw, Who Lost His Eye in Afghanistan. "Saturday Night Live" host Pete Davidson mocked the appearance of former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw, who lost his eye fighting terrorists in Afghanistan, comparing the Republican candidate to a "hitman in a porno movie."

The Weekly Standard—SNL Mocks Appearance of GOP Candidate Who Lost Eye in Afghanistan War. A cast member for Saturday Night Live, a late-night comedy show on NBC that hasn't had a funny cast for a very long time, mocked the appearance of Republican congressional candidate and veteran Dan Crenshaw during SNL's latest episode.

The Hollywood Reporter—'SNL': Pete Davidson Mocks Congressional Candidate Who Lost His Eye in War. Pete Davidson ripped: 'I know he lost his eye in war -- or whatever'... (Third column, 2nd story, link) Related stories:'SNL' MOCKS NAVY SEAL... Advertise here