School Discipline, Racial Diversity Targeted

by New Haven Independent

New Haven Independent— While proposals that would nudge small school districts toward regionalization might have attracted the most attention at the Legislative Office Building this year, a slew of lesser-known education bills could change the way kids learn, from preschool all the way through college.

Breitbart—Peter Kirsanow: 'Astonishing' Increases in School Violence after Obama's Racial Discipline Quotas. Peter Kirsanow explained how Obama-era education policies led to racial and ethnic school disciplinary quotas.

Raw Story—NC high school suspends white player over racial slur — after playoff game moved away from black school. A North Carolina high school suspended a star basketball player for making racist comments on social media, after getting an upcoming playoff game moved away from a mostly black opponent’s gym. Ardrey Kell High School suspended the player, who is white, after seeing a screenshot of the player’s Snapchat post using racial slurs in reference to West Charlotte High School, reported the Charlotte Observer. “A very swift and appropriate decision was reached to immediately suspend

The Washington Times—Hearing scheduled after teen targeted with racial slurs. BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - The New York State Amateur Hockey Association says it will hold a hearing within the next 10 days on a teen who was allegedly subjected to racial slurs during a game. WGRZ-TV reports the association's statement comes after the teen's family says no action was taken