Russia disconnected from global internet in tests

by— Tests were carried out between June and July to test the ability of the 'Runet', as part of Russia's cybersecurity efforts

Mail Online—Russia disconnects from global internet in tests sparking fears Putin will clamp down on free speech. The country adopted legislation, known as the 'sovereign internet' law, in late 2019 that seeks to shield the country from being cut off from foreign infrastructure.

Business Insider—Russia disconnected itself from the rest of the internet, a test of its new defense from cyber warfare, report says. The tests happened from June 15 to July 15, according to RBC Daily, a Russian news outlet. It wasn't possible to independently verify the claim.

The Telegraph—Global pingdemic? How the rest of the world does test and trace. After hundreds of thousands of Britons have been forced to self-isolate, we compare how the UK's system matches up to those around the world