Portland City Council considers new protest limits

by thenewstribune

thenewstribune— The Portland City Council heard testimony on an ordinance that would give Mayor Ted Wheeler immense new powers to regulate protests, an idea that residents told city officials is wrong. … Click to Continue

thenewstribune—Portland City Council rejects new protest limits. The Portland City Council has rejected an ordinance that would have given Mayor Ted Wheeler new powers to regulate protests. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports the mayor's proposal failed 2-3 Wednesday when … Click to Continue

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Reason.com—Portland City Council Rejects Mayor's Constitutionally Dubious 'Emergency Ordinance' on Protests. The Portland City Council voted 3–2 yesterday to reject Mayor Ted Wheeler's proposed "emergency ordinance" to crack down on violent protests. The decision is a win for First Amendment advocates, who had expressed concern that the ordinance curtailed constitutional rights and gave Wheeler too much power. Two of the city's five commissioners—Amanda Fritz and Chloe Eudaly—had already expressed their opposition to the proposal. The swing vote was Commissioner Nick Fish. While Fish ended up voting...