Perry and Chao Call Out Democrats for Obstructing Trump Nominees Perry and Chao Call out Schumer for Obstructing Trump Nominees

by The Daily Signal

The Daily Signal— “There’s not one department in the whole federal government that is fully staffed up in terms of nonpolitical, noncareer leadership,” Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao says.

Breitbart—Republicans to Change Senate Rules to Stop Democrat Obstruction of Trump Nominees. Senate Republicans are preparing to reinterpret Senate Rules in coming weeks to reduce the number of hours required to confirm presidential nominations, responding to Democrats’ unprecedented obstruction of President Trump’s nominees for both the judiciary and the Executive Branch.—A centrist Democrat calls for a Democratic Socialist nominee. Ali Velshi talks with University of California at Berkeley economics professor and former Clinton administration official Brad DeLong about why he supports a Democratic Socialist nominee for President in 2020.

TheHill—Trump: Wall ahead of schedule despite 'Democrat Obstruction'. President Trump on Friday asserted that his planned border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border was already under construction and claimed that the project would be completed despite resistance from congressional Democrats.