NYC’s Incoming Mayor Inherits Finances Soured by the Pandemic

by BNN

BNN— Eric Adams will take over as New York City’s mayor on Jan. 1 staring down a host of fiscal challenges largely stemming from the pandemic and the uncertain outlook it’s created for the biggest U.S. city.—Dispatches from a Pandemic: Desperate for baby formula, low-income families struggle with government’s nutritional-aid program: ‘You call the doctor’s office for your son, and they can’t help you’. Doctors and institutions are pointing to WIC as a way to help parents to secure baby formula, but some parents report that it didn't help.

Chicago Tribune—It’s official: Bally’s casino in River West is Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s pick for Chicago’s gambling complex — but it’s not a done deal yet. A casino for a Chicago has been a goal of Lightfoot and past mayors going back decades.

New York Daily News—NYC Mayor Adams ridicules plans to loosen gun laws: ‘It’s dumb’. “This is not Jesse James and the Sundance Kid, who can draw the fastest, you know?” the mayor said, responding to a reporter’s question about that pro-gun argument.