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New Haven Independent— Quinnipiac University plans shut down its two-decade-old community radio station in June.

New Haven Independent—New Haven Republican Hangs In There. John Cirello wondered how he could remain a Republican. Then he took his son AJ to watch the One Party Government Follies at City Hall.

New Haven Independent—Band Stops in New Haven, But The Party Doesn't. “We’ve probably played as many shows in New Haven as we have in Maine,” said Hannah Collen, half of the self-described “nerdy bass-music duo” Crunk Witch which began its most recent three-week tour of the East Coast at Three Sheets Thursday night. Collen, a native of Maine, spoke of how Crunk Witch got to the city initially through New Haven-based musician Ceschi by simply “reaching out,” knowing him through his music, contacting him and asking if he could help them set up a show here. Six years...

miamiherald—Podcast: New year, new coach, new approach. But will it last?. A lot has happened, Dolphins fans, since we’ve last chatted. The Dolphins’ season ended with a thud. Adam Gase was fired. Mike Tannenbaum, reassigned. Chris Grier is the new boss,