Musicians Free To Experiment, Flourish At Series

by New Haven Independent

New Haven Independent— Almost exactly a year ago musician Conor Perreault was at Never Ending Books starting a new experimental music series, which at the time did not have a name. As of this past Saturday it still did not, but it was flourishing and filled with the types of musicians and music that can be difficult for some to label as well. “I’m always trying to make it more free,” said Perreault, who also in this past year became co-organizer of the Elm City Noise festival. “I’m always encouraging people to let out...—India seek balance between experiment and survival in series. While New Zealand will look to shut out the series, India will have to balance their goal of testing bench strength with the need to keep the series alive

Boing Boing—Chrome extension offers a distraction-free YouTube experience. On the left is a screenshot of YouTube on Chrome. On the right is a screenshot of the same video with an extension called "Distraction Free for YouTube" activated. Below is a screenshot of the extension's options. [via 5-Bullet Friday] Read the rest

the Guardian—Finland's 'free cash' experiment fails to boost employment. But scheme giving unemployed £475 a month did leave participants happier and healthier Europe’s first national government-backed experiment in giving citizens free cash failed to encourage its participants to work more as organisers had hoped – but it did improve their wellbeing. Under Finland’s two-year basic income trial, which ended a month ago, a random sample of 2,000 unemployed people aged 25 to 58 were paid a monthly €560 (£475), with no requirement to seek or accept employment. Any...