Meanwhile, Back at the Governors’ Mansions: It Was a Good Night for the Democrats

by The Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard— Besides losing control of the House last Tuesday, Republicans suffered a blow in gubernatorial elections. The GOP went into the midterms with 33 governors. By the time the dust settles, only 27 will remain.—Democrats capture several governors' mansions from Republicans. Democrats captured governors’ offices in states across the country that Republicans have controlled since at least the early years of the Obama presidency, eroding the GOP’s dominance in state capitals. In Kansas, one the most conservative states in the nation, Democratic state Sen. Laura Kelly...—First Democratic flip of the night: Guam governor!. As far as wins go, it’s a pretty small-scale one, but a win is a win! Democrat Lou Leon Guerrero has been elected as the first woman governor of the territory of Guam, ending 16 straight years of Republican control of that office. x After a long election night with the GEC counting votes from 67 precincts, the people of Guam elect the team of Lou Leon Guerrero and Josh Tenorio as the next Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Guam. Pending approval, Leon Guerrero will be the first female...—Democrats flip Republican governor's office in first result of night. Guam governor's office changes hands for the first time since 2003, according to preliminary results