‘Mavericks Needed’: New ad campaign calls for Americans to honor McCain’s legacy, vote on Nov. 6

by www.washingtonpost.com

www.washingtonpost.com— The ad, which comes two months after McCain’s death, highlights the faces of a diverse country and features audio of the Arizona Republican saying, “We stand for truth against falsehood.”

/CBSdenver—Colorado Candidate’s Pepper Spray Ad Named One Of 2018’s ‘Ugliest’ Campaign Ads. If Election Day is the Super Bowl of American politics, then the campaign ads deserve at least as much celebration and scrutiny as halftime commercials do.

Mail Online—Understanding the vote: New AP survey debuts Nov. 6. WASHINGTON (AP) - The Associated Press will debut a new survey of the nation's electorate for Tuesday's midterms that aims to more accurately capture the...

USA TODAY—Let's vote, party and celebrate American democracy on a new holiday called Citizen Day. Voting should be a celebration, not a chore. Make Election Day a national holiday or give students and employees the day off to honor our democracy.