Justice Department seeks emergency order to block Texas abortion law

by @CBSPolitics

@CBSPolitics— The department said in its filing that the new law, S.B. 8, prevents "women from exercising their constitutional rights."

NBC News—Justice Department seeks order blocking enforcement of Texas abortion law. The filing calls the restrictive statute an "unprecedented scheme" to deny women and providers the ability to challenge it in federal court.

Jezebel—Department of Justice Requests Emergency Court Order To Block Texas Abortion Law. Late on Tuesday evening, the U.S. Department of Justice filed for a temporary restraining order to stop the state of Texas from enforcing its recently passed terrifyingly restrictive abortion law. This development comes less than a week after the DOJ filed a lawsuit against Texas in an attempt to block the same

CBSDFW—Justice Department Files Emergency Order To Block Enforcement Of New Texas Abortion Law. The Department of Justice has filed an emergency order, asking a federal court to temporarily halt the new Texas law that bans most abortions in the state while it decides the case.