It Was a Good Night for the Pollsters

by The Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard— Not perfect, but nonetheless impressive.

The American Conservative—A Good Night for Senate Republicans, A Bad Night for Trumpism. The president's instincts prevailed, but what has he done for the rest of his party?

CNBC—Trump had a good night; Taylor Swift and Oprah had a bad night, says political policy analyst. President Trump can hang his hat on gaining Republican seats in the Senate in Tuesday's midterm voting, says Capital Alpha's Chuck Gabriel.

TVLine—The Good Place Recap: Can You Be Too Good for Your Own Good?. Need to catch up? Check out our previous Good Place recap here. Michael and Janet test the uppermost limits of ethical living this week on The Good Place — with the help of a very special guest star. Yes, that is the great Michael McKean — where’s his Emmy for Better Call Saul, huh? — […]