In historic move, Oregon lawmakers expel legislator over state Capitol breach

by @CBSPolitics

@CBSPolitics— The vote in the heavily Democratic chamber was 59-1 to oust Republican Representative Mike Nearman. The only "no" vote was his own. It was the first time the House ever expelled one of its own.

Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism—Oregon lawmakers move to expel Republican caught on camera helping insurrectionists raid state Capitol. On Monday, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported that state lawmakers are moving to expel state Rep. Mike Nearman, who was caught helping pro-Trump rioters break into the Oregon Capitol. According to the report, the entire Republican caucus is urging Nearman to resign in a letter ahead of the vote. "'Today we strongly recommend that you resign from the Oregon State House of Representatives, House District 23 position,' reads a letter signed by all 22 Republican House members besides Nearman....

CNN—Oregon House of Representatives expels lawmaker after video shows him appearing to tell protesters how to breach the state Capitol. The Oregon state representative who faced backlash after a video surfaced of him appearing to tell protesters how to get access to the closed state Capitol has been expelled from the Oregon House of Representatives.—Oregon GOP Legislator Mike Nearman Ousted Over State Capitol Breach. Republican lawmakers voted with majority Democrats in the Oregon House of Representatives to take the historic step of expelling a Republican member who let violent, far-right protesters into the state Capitol on Dec. 21.