How Austin Lured the Most Workers Back to Offices...

by WSJ

WSJ— This Texas city’s workers are putting in more face time than any other major U.S. metro area.

@adweek—Getting Workers Back to the Office With Incentives, Not Mandates. The challenge Like so many other businesses, digital photo resource Shutterstock adapted to the pandemic by having a fully remote team, which became increasingly geographically distributed as we started hiring talent outside of major cities. We successfully onboarded many new employees fully remotely--and found new ways to recreate, as best we could, the unmistakable energy

Newsweek—Woman backed for not letting other workers have dogs in the office. Her co-workers have suggested she continue to work from home, but she says that's not an option.—Half of workers are worried about the cost of going back to the office. Almost half of workers are finding the cost of office trips intimidating.