Harvey Weinstein Accused of 'Power, Manipulation, Abuse' in Prosecution's Closing Argument

by TheWrap

TheWrap— Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi wraps up the prosecution's case on Friday

Washington Post—Harvey Weinstein accused of manipulating women who wanted to be in his ‘universe,’ in prosecution’s closing argument. Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon argued that the producer had “not only run roughshod over the dignity and, indeed, the lives of these witnesses, but that he also underestimated them.”

Los Angeles Times—Prosecution closes in Harvey Weinstein trial: 'Abusive rapist' relied on 'power, manipulation'. The prosecution's closing argument was designed to undercut the seeds of doubt painstakingly planted by defense attorneys over three weeks of testimony.

www.nydailynews.com—Defense lawyer, in closing arguments, declares jurors must find Harvey Weinstein innocent after prosecution’s phony courtroom production. The lawyer for Oscar winner Harvey Weinstein accused prosecutors Thursday of mounting a phony courtroom production against the alleged sexual predator, giving his accusers a pass while putting the blame on him. “The irony is that ADAs, in this case, are the producers and they are writing the script