Florida bill would allow cameras in classrooms and microphones on teachers

by @CBSNews

@CBSNews— Sponsor of bill in state's House of Representatives says he thinks it's a good idea, provided privacy can be maintained.

Breitbart—WATCH: Bill Filed in Florida Would Allow Video, Audio Recording in Classrooms. A bill filed in the Florida Legislature seeks to allow video and audio recordings in school classrooms, WFLA reported Sunday.

Newsweek—Teachers would wear mics, allowing parents to review "incidents," in proposed Florida bill. The bill's sponsor has said it would deter bullying, as well as teachers tutoring students on "hateful theories."

TheBlaze—Florida bill would allow criminals to choose military service over prison time. Florida legislators may soon make it possible for individuals convicted of certain criminal offenses to choose military service instead of serving time in prison. Florida Senate Bill 1356 was filed on Dec. 21 by Democratic Sen. Darryl Rouson. The bill would enable eligible individuals to join the military instead of going to jail. To be eligible, a convicted criminal would have to be 25 years old or younger and have a sentence that does not exceed four years for all total charges. Also, the...