ECOCA Show Sees A Future In The Future

by New Haven Independent

New Haven Independent— Eye Spy morphs from image to image fast enough that you have to pay attention to see the narrative. Seals and other ocean life change into plastic bottles on the beach, the manmade objects that found their way into a bird’s stomach. Then back rushing ocean waves, lush coral of vibrant colors, sea turtles and teeming schools of fish. The music is serene with powerful, tidal undercurrents. The loop between the vivacity of the ocean and the damage we have done to it is causal in both directions. It...—Billie Eilish Can't Wait To See The Future. With lyrics poking at the ways young women are scrutinized and exploited, Happier than Ever finds Eilish in some dark corners — but the pop supernova tells NPR she's got lots to feel hopeful about.

CNN—Emmy nominations 2021: See what shows made the cut. Nominations for the 73rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards Emmy Awards will be announced on Tuesday.

Washington Post—The GOP has five factions now. They all see a different future for their party.. The Republicans' new voter coalition is no longer unified around the party’s old verities.