Democrats Plan To Tax The Rich Lets Billionaires Keep Paying Less Than Average Workers

by BuzzFeed News

BuzzFeed News— The party is planning to raise taxes on corporate investors and the wealthy to pay for social programs, but is not fundamentally reforming a system that allows billionaires to skirt paying taxes. View Entire Post ›—The Conversation: Tax the rich? Democrats’ plans let billionaires off the hook. The proposal would put tax progressivity roughly back where it was before the 2017 tax cuts.—House Democrats unveil tax plan to fund $3.5 trillion budget with tax hikes on rich, corporations. House Democrats on Monday unveiled legislation that would raise an estimated $2.9 trillion in taxes and provide the foundation for the biggest investment in the U.S. social safety net in at least a generation. The tax proposal—a crucial part of Democratic efforts to pass a $3.5 trillion budget bill—would also take a big bite out of a concept that has increasingly driven progressive Democrats over the past decade: income inequality.  As demonstrated over the weekend, the liberal and...

@AmericanThinker—Democrats are again planning to pay rich people to buy expensive cars. As part of their appalling, budget-busting $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill, Democrats are insisting upon a vast transfer of wealth from less affluent taxpayers to the very rich. The form that this transfer is taking is a plan to increase the alread