Carl Bernstein: McCarthy, most other Republicans are ‘cravenly’ supporting sedition

by— Carl Bernstein compares the modern Republican party's reaction to former President Donald Trump to the reaction to Watergate and Richard Nixon, and asks where the "courageous Republicans" like Barry Goldwater are. He also says the "whole" of the Republican Party, save Liz Cheney and few others, have "cravenly gone to sedition" by supporting a "seditious president."

Business Insider—Kevin McCarthy reportedly told Republicans in a phone call last year that Trump admitted to being partially responsible for the Capitol riot. Now McCarthy says he doesn't remember that call.. McCarthy told Republicans in a phone call that Trump admitted some responsibility. "I'm not sure what call you're talking about," McCarthy said Thursday.

the Guardian—Carl Bernstein: ‘Our democracy, before Trump, had ceased to be working well’. The acclaimed journalist talks about life before Watergate, as portrayed in his new book Chasing History, and life after Trump Carl Bernstein is crying. He slips an index finger behind his spectacles to push away a tear. He repeats the action to wipe his other eye. Nearly six decades have passed since Bernstein, a young newsman in a hurry, was told by a colleague that President John F Kennedy was dead. But the gut punch of that moment surfaces as if it were yesterday. “I still have trouble with...

Washington Post—Who was Carl Bernstein before Watergate? A natural newshound, learning the trade.. His new memoir, "Chasing History," shows what a journalist’s education should look like: An apprenticeship, not a seminar.