Biden slams attempts to curb voting rights but says he isn't ready to call for an end of the filibuster

by CNN

CNN— President Joe Biden said Wednesday that he did not want to get "wrapped up" in arguments about the filibuster and it would "throw the entire Congress into chaos," as some Democrats call for weakening the Senate's filibuster rules in order to pass voting rights legislation.

the Guardian—Biden defends voting rights – but no word on ending the filibuster. The president gave an impassioned defense of the right to vote but while the 60-vote Senate rule is in place reform looks a pipe dream US politics – live coverageJoe Biden gave his most muscular defense of the right to vote yet on Tuesday, but offered few specifics on how Democrats can overcome Republican efforts to stymie federal voting reform. Related: Governor vows to arrest Democrats who fled Texas to block voting restrictions Continue reading

TheHill—Biden says he doesn't want voting rights 'wrapped up' in filibuster debate. President Biden on Wednesday pushed back on calls from some progressives to do away with the filibuster or making an exception for voting rights legislation, even as he called efforts by Republican state legislatures to restrict ballot access "Jim Crow on steroids."

the Guardian—Biden says voting rights laws are a 'national imperative'. Reforming the filibuster must be too. Republicans’ Big Lie makes it all but impossible for our republic to heal itself without new laws to defend democracy At the risk of giving away a speechwriting secret, one time-tested way to organize a presidential address – or any piece of persuasive writing – is with something called “Monroe’s Motivated Sequence”. It’s a five-part structure: explain the context; define the problem; lay out the solution; put forward a vision of the future; issue a call to action. By this measure, on Tuesday...