Biden seeks reset after week of bruising setbacks in Congress, courts, pandemic, economy & around the globe

by CNN

CNN— CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports.

Fox News—Biden admin trying to 'work around Congress,' Ohio AG claims after Supreme Court session on vaccine mandates. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost on Friday accused President Biden of trying to circumvent Congress with his coronavirus vaccine mandate for businesses, according to a report.

Washington Examiner—Biden agenda tested after week of hard setbacks. Facing setbacks on a slew of administration policy promises, the White House told reporters Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday that President Joe Biden and his administration could “do hard things."

Washington Examiner—White House defends Biden's record after week of setbacks. The White House defended President Joe Biden’s record after a week of setbacks on stalled promises of climate action, drug pricing, police reform, voting rights, and more, leaving allies and Democratic voters frustrated — this time by pointing to the “realities” of passing legislation in the evenly split Senate.