Biden administration warns Arizona it could take back pandemic aid for undermining school mask guidance

by CNN

CNN— The US Treasury Department warned Arizona Friday that it's at risk of losing some of its federal Covid-19 relief funds because two of its grant programs prioritize schools that don't require children to wear masks.

CNBC—Biden administration threatens to claw back Covid funds from Arizona over school anti-mask policies. GOP Gov. Doug Ducey has 60 days to change the disputed programs or the Biden administration may take back that Covid stimulus money, Treasury said.

Washington Post—Biden administration threatens to rescind stimulus funds from Arizona over anti-mask school policy. The rare demand arrived in a letter issued by the Treasury Department, which said the state’s Republican leader, Gov. Doug Ducey, has 60 days to reprogram the funding in a way that befits its original intent as an investment to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The Independent—Biden threatens to claw back millions in Covid aid from Arizona over state’s mask policies. The governor of Arizona has pushed back against mask and vaccine mandates