As GOP supporters die of Covid, the party remains split in its vaccination message

by NBC News

NBC News— Analysis: Top Trump supporters keep casting doubt on Covid-19 vaccines. Ahead of next year's midterms, that means missing a chance to give Trump credit.

Newsweek—Trump supporter who protested against vaccinations dies of COVID-19. Last week, she protested her state's VaxBus program, a mobile vaccination unit to help inoculate rural residents against COVID-19.—McConnell, other GOP leaders pivot toward openly supporting COVID vaccinations. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), one of the most vociferous vaccine proponents in the GOP, put his case in blunt terms on Tuesday as he rued the slow rollout.

Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism—Mother urges vaccinations after her 37-year-old daughter dies from COVID: 'Had she been vaccinated she'd still be here'. A mother whose adult daughter died from COVID-19 is begging people to get vaccinated. "Love yourself enough to take care of yourself and get the vaccine. That's all I ask," Kimberle Jones told KMOV. "She was a very energetic, upbeat person," she said speaking of her daughter, 37-year-old Erica Thompson, who was the mother of three boys, ages 8, 11 and 17. She reportedly suffered from asthma. "The doctor basically called and told me that she got to go on the ventilator or she's going to die,"...