6 Takeaways as Austin, Milley Testify to House on Biden’s Afghanistan Exit 6 Takeaways as Austin, Milley and McKenzie Testify to House on Biden’s Afghanistan Exit

by The Daily Signal

The Daily Signal— President Joe Biden’s top military adviser declined to comment Wednesday on the president’s mental capacity, and that might have been one of the nicer things

The Daily Signal—7 Takeaways as Milley, Austin, McKenzie Testify on Afghanistan, China Phone Calls. In some cases, the answers were surprising. In other cases, the answers were surprising only in hearing top U.S. military leaders state publicly what already

The Washington Times—Gens. McKenzie and Milley suggest Biden owes Afghanistan’s brave forces an apology. There is no honor in kicking someone when they are down. But in August, as the Afghan people watched the Taliban invade their capital city with machine guns and saw their hopes of living with dignity and freedom fade, President Joe Biden hit them where it hurt most—their honor.

Washington Examiner—WATCH LIVE: Austin and Milley testify on Afghanistan at Senate hearing. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Gen. Mark Milley, and Gen. Kenneth McKenzie will be grilled by lawmakers Tuesday morning, the first time since the completion of the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.