USA Drama: ICE 'Looking for Reasons to Throw People out of This Country'

by NewsBusters

NewsBusters— In this already divided country, USA's Suits spinoff Pearson paints ICE as the enemy, just for doing their jobs, in an ongoing storyline in the first season.

Los Angeles Times—Federal judge's ruling upends how ICE targets people for being in the country illegally. ICE blocked from relying solely on databases to target people for being in the country illegally

Boing Boing—YouTuber, iced out of monetization, looks to China. Bart Baker is a YouTuber who specialized in vulgar videos and pop-star parodies, but his income withered when the site demonetized all the horrible things we didn't realize our kids were watching. So he's abandoning his 10m subscribers there to focus on conquering Chinese social media instead. Baker's even learned enough of the langage to pander to its nationalist vanities and bottomless consumerism, which Vice highlights in this 7-minute interview. Now, Bart’s days start with live chat and song...

TreeHugger—NASA wants people to look at the clouds. Are you up for the Fall Cloud Challenge?