This butterfly was the first to go extinct in the US because of humans

by CNN

CNN— As the first North American insect to go extinct due to humans, the Xerces blue butterfly has become an icon for insect conservation. New research signals a warning for insect conservation as species decline around the globe.

Mail Online—DNA from 93-year-old butterfly confirms it's the first insect to go extinct from US urbanization. The butterfly was last seen in San Francisco in the early 1940s, but a new DNA analysis confirms it is its own species. This means it is the first insect in the US to be destroyed by human.—DNA from 93-year-old butterfly confirms the first US case of human-led insect extinction. The Xerces blue butterfly was last seen flapping its iridescent periwinkle wings in San Francisco in the early 1940s. It's generally accepted to be extinct, the first American insect species destroyed by urban development, but there are lingering questions about whether it was really a species to begin with, or just a sub-population of another common butterfly. In a new study in Biology Letters, researchers analyzed the DNA of a 93-year-old Xerces blue specimen in museum collections, and they...—US Faces Crossroads On Renewable Energy Future — Go Big or Go Local. NY Times reporter Ivan Penn unpacks the debate over infrastructure: Do we fund huge wind and solar farms with new transmission lines, or go local, with rooftop solar panels, batteries and micro-grids?