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Reason.com—The Washington Post Blames Obama for Fentanyl Deaths. A story in today's Washington Post makes the case that the Obama administration failed to take the proliferation of fentanyl as a heroin booster and substitute seriously enough, resulting in drug-related deaths that otherwise would not have occurred. The story is formatted in white type on a black background, interspersed with examples of people who died after taking fentanyl, so you know the Post's intentions are serious. I wish I could say the same about its argument, which makes much of press...

www.washingtonpost.com—The Washington Post to publish ‘The Mueller Report,’ the book. The Post is teaming with Scriber to package the special counsel's findings with context from reporters.

Washington Free Beacon—Washington Post Refers to Israel as 'Jewish-Only State' Before Correcting. The Washington Post referred to Israel as a "Jewish-only state" before correcting it in a story Monday about a recent tense meeting between Jewish and Muslim House Democrats. The post Washington Post Refers to Israel as ‘Jewish-Only State’ Before Correcting appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.