Opinion: Unable to hold on to the spotlight, Kamala Harris returns to her day job

by Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times— Lacking a clear message to set herself apart, Harris sank into the sea of indistinguishable Democratic candidates.

The Federalist—The Only Person Ruining Kamala Harris’s Presidential Campaign Is Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris came onto the presidential scene January 2019, and since then she’s done very little to distinguish herself.

Washington Free Beacon—Kamala Harris Brags About Never Having A Private Sector Job. Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) on Wednesday boasted about never having a private sector job. The post Kamala Harris Brags About Never Having A Private Sector Job appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Los Angeles Times—Opinion: Kamala Harris had her issues, but seeing her drop out of the race is depressing. Kamala Harris was on fire there for a while. Not long enough, though. And that's depressing.