Opinion: If impeachment and 2020 don't stop Trump, nothing will

by Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times— Imagine if President Trump wins reelection after surviving the Mueller investigation and impeachment. There will be no reining him in.

Washington Post—Will impeachment be forgotten by November 2020? Don’t be so sure.. Democrats ought not underestimate Trump’s capacity to use it to attack them and fire up his base.

Fortune—Will Trump's Impeachment Trial Be the End of the Road for Democratic Senators in the 2020 Race?t. Democratic senators and Trump will be entering unprecedented territory: juggling an impeachment trial while campaigning for president.

www.rawstory.com—‘Don’t choke on the Kool-Aid of Trump’s presidency’: Eric Trump mocked for using impeachment hearings to hawk Trump Winery. As U.S. ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, testified before the House Intelligence Committee this Wednesday, President Trump’s second son took an opportunity to hawk his family’s winery. It is a perfect day for a nice bottle of this. These people are — insane