MSNBC Guest Slams 'White Supremacist,' 'Half-Witted' Fox Host

by NewsBusters

NewsBusters— On Sunday's AM Joy on MSNBC, frequent guest Tiffany Cross of The Beat D.C. decried President Donald Trump and Fox News host Laura Ingraham as "two white supremacists," called Ingraham and her viewers "half-wits," and excoriated Trump's "ignorant" supporters, calling them a "national emergency."

Raw Story—Ex-Fox News guest hammers 'half-witted' network hosts and 'audience of half-witted people' for border lies. Journalist Tiffany Cross of The Beat DC on Sunday blasted supporters of President Donald Trump’s border wall as “half-wits.” During a panel discussion about the way Trump demonizes immigrants, MSNBC host Joy Reid asked Cross how Fox News could “keep up the fiction of violence” in border cities like El Paso. “You’ve been a guest on Fox News,” Reid told Cross. “How does that Earth keep up the fiction of violence when even the sheriff

Media Matters for America—MSNBC guest: FBI often calls white supremacist violence "hate crimes" instead of "terrorism," diverting resources from enforcement. STEPHANIE RUHLE (CO-ANCHOR): How do these white supremacist groups work? How do they operate? I know you've infiltrated some. Give us a better picture of sort of the domestic terrorism network.  MICHAEL GERMAN (FELLOW, BRENNAN CENTER FOR JUSTICE): So it's much broader than I think people understand. I mean obviously, there's a lot of concern in this instance because here was somebody who was a Coast Guard officer who may have had these ideas or inclinations, and particularly that had actually...

Media Matters for America—Fox & Friends guest complains college courses convey "anti-white bias" and are a way of "scapegoating" white males. AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST) Every year Young America's Foundation compiles a list of the most outrageous courses offered at colleges all across the country, calling out the bias and sometimes very bizarre culture at higher education in America.