How Poverty Ends: The Many Paths to Progress—and Why They Might Not Continue

by Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs— Without a magic potion for economic growth, a developing country should try to raise living standards with the resources it already has.

The Daily Signal—Lawmakers Map Out Conservative Solutions to End Poverty. Instilling a sense of expectancy, personal capability, and American exceptionalism are keys to lifting individuals out of poverty, two conservative lawmakers said Thursday at a

The National Interest—Why You Might End Up Cancelling Netflix If They Make This 1 Move. Jason Mittell Technology, They start selling your data.  Key Point: Will this turn their fans off?  Even in the wake of a recent mixed earning report and volatile stock prices, Netflix remains the media success story of the decade. The company, whose user base has grown rapidly, now boasts almost 150 million global subscribers. But as someone who studies the television industry, I’ve always wondered how Netflix can provide so much unlimited ad-free content for such a low monthly rate, which...

Digiday—The state of supply path optimisation: Progress and impact in the UK. In a process known as "supply path optimization," marketers are removing bad actors from the supply and gaining more transparency into SSP practices. In a new report backed by wide-ranging survey research, learn more about how (and why) marketers are implementing SPO. The post The state of supply path optimisation: Progress and impact in the UK appeared first on Digiday.