• Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent Minnesota editorials

    Minneapolis Star Tribune, Jan. 16 'Wishbone': A bold vision for the mighty Mississippi The proposal would better connect Minneapolis with the river and St. Anthony Falls. Imagine a mile-long pedestrian promenade just above the Mississippi River, accessible from both banks - an expansive walkway that runs under the historic

  • Editorial Roundup:

    Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. January 17, 2020 Time for action Gov. Eric Holcomb has a good grasp of Indiana's strengths and challenges. His fourth annual message to citizens and lawmakers Tuesday night contained a string of proposals that could make Indiana a better place to live and do business. But

  • Editorial Roundup:

    Fort Worth Star-Telegram. January 15, 2020 Governor, thanks for honoring church hero Jack Wilson. Now, let’s talk red-flag law. Gov. Greg Abbott has been at the forefront of hailing Jack Wilson, bestowing the state’s highest civilian honor possible on the hero of the White Settlement church shooting this week. In

  • Editorial Roundup:

    Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. January 10, 2020 Crash course Fewer people are dying in traffic accidents, both nationally and in Indiana. Here in Allen County, the news isn't as good. The Journal Gazette's Jim Chapman reported Sunday that 40 people died in vehicle crashes here during 2019 – almost double

  • EDITORIAL- Slimming down

    Just days after Joseph Estrada assumed the presidency in 1998, he had ordered all members of the Philippine National Police to lose their potbellies and slim down. Keeping physically fit was in line with the program to instill police discipline.

  • Illinois Editorial Roundup:

    January 18, 2020 The (Carbondale) Southern Illinoisan Keep the fresh ideas coming in order to improve education We can all agree that we should appreciate what our teachers do for our children throughout the region, right? After all, teachers play a large hand in molding our youth. Most are underpaid.

  • Editorial Roundup: US

    Excerpts from recent editorials in the United States and abroad: ___ Jan. 21 The Washington Post on how the Senate is handling President Donald Trump's impeachment trial: Senate Republicans on Tuesday laid the groundwork for a truncated trial of President Trump that would be a perversion of justice. Proposals by

  • Editorial Roundup: Florida

    Recent editorials from Florida newspapers: ___ Jan. 22 The Palm Beach post on convicted felons having to pay fines before they are allowed to vote: By ruling that former felons must pay all financial obligations before getting back their right to vote, the increasingly conservative Florida Supreme Court has

  • Editorial Roundup: Pennsylvania

    Recent editorials of statewide and national interest from Pennsylvania's newspapers: Toothless cell-phone ban could make Pa. highways more dangerous Easton Express-Times Jan. 19 In trying to correct a weakness in Pennsylvania’s distracted-driving laws - drivers are still permitted to use hand-held phones, except for texting - lawmakers demonstrated last

  • EDITORIAL: A partisan impeachment

    Destroying is much easier than building. As his relentless adversaries file into the U.S. Senate Tuesday to judge articles of impeachment brought against President Trump, they open the door for irreparable damage to a system of justice founded on both the U.S. Constitution and American common sense. There can be no justice without fairness.

  • Editorial Roundup: Ohio

    Recent editorials of statewide and national interest from Ohio newspapers: Barberton school district is doing the right thing Akron Beacon Journal Jan. 18 The Barberton City School District is doing the prudent thing by allowing some members of the Magics boys basketball team to engage in silent protest by kneeling

  • EDITORIAL- Disrupted education

    Apart from endangering livelihoods, the continuing unrest of Taal Volcano is causing serious disruption to another aspect of life within the danger zone: children’s education.