Cuomo Argues in Favor of Allowing the Banning of MAGA Hat Wearers from Businesses

by NewsBusters

NewsBusters— The Media Research Center has extensively documented CNN’s hatred for Trump supporters over the last few years. But during Thursday’s Prime Time, host Chris Cuomo made a serious argument in support for allowing businesses to ban people wearing MAGA hats. If that wasn’t bad enough, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon justified applying prejudices against those wearing the hats as well.

Newsweek—Parents Enraged over School Aide's Trump Hat: 'If a Student Is Not Allowed to Wear a Confederate Shirt, He Should Not Be Allowed to Wear a MAGA Hat'. Jennifer Zapien said her twin teenagers were offended by the hat.

charlotteobserver—A ban on bans: Are SC legislators killing local control as favor for Big Business?. SC lawmakers have been unusually busy the last three years stepping on city and county toes, trying to limit what locals can do to regulate vaping, plastic bags and more. The winner? Big business, critics say—UPDATE: Restaurant Owner Apologizes For 'MAGA' Hat Ban.... UPDATE: Restaurant Owner Apologizes For 'MAGA' Hat Ban