Brooksvale To Add 42 Acres -- If $'s Found

by New Haven Independent

New Haven Independent— The land is vacant, the sellers are willing and the park ranger is eager to blaze some new trails for hikers. Now all the town of Hamden has to do is figure out how to match a $432,250 state grant recently awarded to obtain adjacent property and expand Brooksvale Park.—Serena Williams’s Practices Add a Wrinkle: A Top Men’s Player. As part of a new strategy to raise the intensity of her preparation, Williams has trained this month with Stefanos Tsitsipas, Grigor Dimitrov and Frances Tiafoe.

The Federalist—Trump’s Bump Stock Ban Adds New Chapter To BATFE’s Sordid History. If judges allow the BATFE to override laws passed by Congress, the historically corrupt agency will have a green light to go after semi-automatic firearms next.

Mail Online—It’s never too late to start your dream job: LUCY CAVENDISH thinks she’s found her true calling. Lucy Cavendish, 52, who spent three decades working as a journalist revealed how changing career to become a counsellor made her happier and improved her relationships.